Vatki Clothing Store

Built a user-friendly e-commerce app with Flutter, smoothly connected to WooCommerce API. It ensures easy shopping, updates inventory in real-time, and keeps payments secure

Restaurant POS

Created a Flutter-powered Restaurant POS system, simplifying order management and payment processing. The intuitive interface enhances overall dining experience for customers and staff alike.

Doctor App

Designed a user-friendly Doctor Appointment Booking App using Flutter, facilitating easy scheduling, real-time availability updates, and timely reminders for patients. The app ensures a smooth and organized process for managing medical appointments.

Astrology Horoscope

Developed a captivating Astrology Horoscope app with Flutter, offering personalized daily predictions, zodiac insights, and compatibility analyses. The app provides users with an engaging platform to explore and understand their astrological profiles.

Easy Hotel PMS

Built an intuitive Easy Hotel PMS with Flutter, streamlining reservation management and check-ins for efficient hotel operations and a seamless guest experience.

Goa Viral News

Created an engaging Goa Viral News app using Flutter, delivering timely and trending local news with a user-friendly interface, ensuring an immersive news consumption experience.

Manufacturers App

Developed a Manufacturers Management App with Flutter, streamlining production, inventory, and resource tracking for enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Developed Eduteck, an educational app powered by Flutter, offering interactive learning modules, quizzes, and progress tracking for an engaging and effective learning experience.

Meet USA Chat and Meet Friends

Created “Meet USA Chat,” a dynamic app, connecting users nationwide for engaging conversations and fostering new friendships.


Designed “Ooverse,” a vibrant social media app, connecting users globally through interactive features, personalized content, and seamless networking experiences.